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Dialogues : Islamist Terror, Communists, & US Empire.

9 February 2011

Recently I got drawn into “discussions” which went under the titles, “The Muslim Brotherhood and Egyptian Social Crisis” & “The new threat comes from radical Islam, not the US”. These raised some disturbing issues, and although they have been shared on certain groups, they are important to be put together where they would be available to wider audience to study and share their views. The exchanges have been chronologically ordered.

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Babu Suseelan :

To shed light on the reasons for social revolution in Egypt, Phony liberals, bogus intellectuals, leftists academicians and pro Islamists have been predicting that the social crisis we witness in Egypt is good for the country. They claim that Egyptians are marching towards financial freedom, liberty and democracy. They miss the point. The root cause of Egyptian revolution is Islam. Islam is the fundamental principle that operates in the minds of Egyptian Muslims. They are striving to to do what is right. What is right according to Islam is : striving or struggling in the way of Allah”. It is the central concept that pushes all Muslims in Egypt.

The Coptic Christens have been sidelined, kicked out, harassed, or murdered in Egypt. Billions of western and American aid has been looted by the top bureaucrats or political leaders. Muslims in Egypt are willing to defend Islam. Inspired by Islam and motivated by politics these Egyptian Muslims are justifying their social revolution to overthrow President Mubarak. The real intent is to wage a holy war in defense of Islam.

Since Islam is incompatible with democracy, secularism, and human rights, in the long run, Egypt will be run Islamic Mullahs.  Egyptian revolution is disguised as a fight  for   social correction. But it  is an Islamic revolution that will eventually become a threat to Israel and America. America is spending billions of dollars and risking American soldiers but failed to see the root cause of unrest in Islamic countries. Whether it is in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq or Egypt, America is facing Islam, a culture of death.  These culture vultures are marching ahead shouting “Death to America”. “Death to Israel”. Believe  it or not, the crisis in Egypt will not end until infidels were driven out from Egypt. Intelligence source indicates that Shias from Iran are consorting with sunny groups in Egypt. The US is caught in the crossfire and can do nothing to stop Islamic bloodshed.

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Reply :

I have not read so much nonsense, so densely packed together, before. That the Islamists may highjack the Egyptian unrest is not impossibility, it happened in Iran too. But the root cause of it all has been the successive US administrations, Democratic or Republicans, is only something that either the blind & deaf, or those who consort with US administration will overlook. A democratically elected prime minister of Iran was overthrown in a CIA backed coup in 1952, and a willing puppet dictator, Shah Reza Pahlavi, installed in his place to do the bidding of US & British oil interests. What was PM Mosaddegh fault? He dared to believe that oil beneath the Iranian soil was the asset of Iranian people and must be utilised in a manner that befits its true owners – the Iranian people. Similarly, what has made Islam today a talking point, Taliban & Al Qaeda, are both creation of the Reagan administration and Zia Ul Haq to fight the “Soviet Infidels”. Saddam Hussein was a trusted ally even though he was a brutal dictator until he was doing US bidding of dutifully waging war against Ayatollah Khomeini’s regime (1981-88). A  war that took heavy toll of both Iraqi and Iranian people. He was given all exotic weapons including nerve gas by USA, and Rumsfeld as not so much a junior flunkey in Reagan’s administration went to Baghdad to assure US material support at the height of the war. US administrations have a history of propping up, supporting, & arming, some of the most rapacious  and brutal dictators and regimes all over the world. It has done this for the greed and growth of its own Capital, which rules the US policy. The “globalization” which began with Columbus and Wasco Da Gama 500 years back, created some of the richest and mightiest empires that the human history has known on the back of looting and pauperizing of the so called third world. And yet there are those in the very same third world countries, who speak of US aid and largesse. This mighty loot enabled the keepers of these empires to secure the support of their own populace until now by giving them a decent standard of living and by keeping most among them aestheticized to the horrors they were committing elsewhere through  skillfully fed propaganda and downright lies. This was called ‘Manufacturing Consent” by Noam Chomsky. It may be worthwhile for those who want to know what is really going on to read :

1. The Shock Doctrine : Rise of Disaster Capitalism, by Naomi Klein.

2. A Peoples History of the United States, by Howard Zinn.

3. Addicted to War, by Joel Andreas.

One will see that US administrations have consistently worked in cahoots with most reactionary regimes in the entire world – Saudi Arabia/ Kuwait/ Indonesia under Suharto/  Chile under Pinochet/ and so on, to throttle the democratic spirit and to have rapacious policies in place that will help US Capital first and foremost. The study of history will show how misled we are by the propaganda of Democracy, Liberty, Freedom that is spouted liberally by “Free World Leaders including Obama”, who has gone back on his word to US citizens to close Guantanamo Bay and let notorious Patriot Act lapse. Don’t be comforted by words, watch the actions. If you want to find true enemies of the democracy, then search elsewhere. There are rich rewards to be reaped.

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Babu Suseelan :

American and British were not a force to recon with when Muslims from the Arabian desert invaded India and massacred more than 80 million Hindus, looted our wealth, enslaved our women, molested our sisters and destroyed our sacred temples and forcefully converted Hindus, sikhs and Buddhists. Islam is the root cause of all evil. American or European people never asked Muslims to wage war against infidels and murder or kick out all Hindus from Kashmir, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. It is Islam the closed, dogmatic anti Infidel ideology that force Mohammedans to behead, harass and intimidate Hindus, Christians, Jews and Buddhists in the name of their desert deity Allah. Social revolution happened in Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Tunisia, Algeria, Yemen, and Sudan against their colonial masters before. Why the succeeding governments failed to establish democracy, secularism, pluralism, coexistence and liberty for all in Islamic countries. Islam compel  people to wage a continuous war against infidels and  terrorize Hindus, Christians, Buddhists and all kafirs.

Islamic intransigence and the narrow focused perspective and allah’s non compromising dictates force Jihadis to continue their Jihad war against infidels until Mohammedans succeed in establishing Dar-Ul-Islam. Whether you are a liberal, leftists or Islamist, as long as you are an infidel, you are a good candidate for beheading in the old fashioned Islamic way.

The examples you have sited are phony, groundless, and meaningless. The root cause of evil in all Islamic societies is Islam.

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Reply :

You said, “The examples I have sited are phony, groundless, and meaningless”.

If this statement of yours is going to stand by way of “Historical Truths”, then I am afraid what I am going to say is going to cut any ice. It would have been educative if you had come up with some reasoned arguments backed by facts. I do not know from where you have come with this sufficiently large sounding figure of “80 million”, but as figures go even if it were to be accepted for the sake of argument, it would pale in comparison to the destruction caused by European & US Imperial powers. Mind you, I choose to call them imperial powers because that is what they are. Someone else could easily label them Christian powers and colour it suitably to meet some “purpose”.  Similarly, I blamed US administrations and not US citizens, because latter either did not have much role in it, or played into the propaganda unleashed by the Ruling dispensation.  All powerful regimes have economic accumulation, resource grabbing as a fundamental motive of their existence. Religion, Colour, Caste, Race, Ideology, Nationalism, Patriotism, etc. are mere tools in the hands of Ruling Class that they use to have sufficient support from the populace over which they rule to do their bidding, often blindly. Starting from this basic understanding, I would make a few observations for reflecting upon rather than give “figures”, which would only lead to meaningless wrestling over “statistics”.

1. Conversions are practiced by both latter day Semitic religions. There are other religions too that sought adherents, like Sikhism and Buddhism. Even Hindus assimilated (converted) many indigenous people and stratified them into Castes (Varnashram Dharma), and even had a large oppressed section who were outside of it – called Ati Shoodras, or Scheduled Castes and Tribes.

2. Ruling sections in all regimes (Monarchy, Dictatorships, Communists, or even Democracies) regularly use violence whenever required to meet their basic motives. [Democracies may raise an eyebrow here, but even though people get to vote, the policies are selected by not the voting masses but by the ruling gentry. That is why poor and dispossessed show great hope for change by going out and voting, whereas the ruling gentry sits at home happy in the knowledge that whichever party comes to power the protection of their privileges is guaranteed. This ruling class has just sufficient minions like me and you who have benefited from this arrangement by sheer chance to give the dispensation respectability, and who also act as cheering crowd]. The existence of regimes demands exploitation. And one cannot exploit peacefully all the time. So use of violence is intrinsic to any regime. Even Ashoka waged a brutal war against Kalinga killing in hundreds of thousands, before he himself was dumbfounded & felt revulsion by the ruinous destruction wrought by his actions. Mahabharat tells the story of how Krishna and Arjuna torch merrily a forest to clear the ground for the new capital Indraprasatha totally insensitive to the destruction of indigenous Naga tribes residing there alongside the animal life.

3. Apart from violence used against their own population, the regimes use it far more easily and readily against populace outside their domain.

4. As far as molestations, enslaving, murders go, there is no monopoly of any religion or sect over it. The High Caste Hindus did it all the time, and unfortunately continue to do so whenever possible despite the laws even today.

5. There is a lunatic fringe in every society, culture, dispensation, religion, and so on. Often such lunatic fringe is organized and therefore powerful enough to silence the disorganized and dissenting or disinterested majority. It always claims to speak on behalf of entire community, and in the absence of any dissenting voices sufficiently strong, gains credence. The number of individuals subscribing to this lunacy may differ – small or large, but it is never a majority. One commits a grave error of judgement to mistake the fringe for the mainstream.

6. Lastly, one is informed by the print media, audio-visual media, and pundits, who are largely the spokespersons of the ruling classes, and one will never learn the real truth by only listening to and believing in their spin. Did anybody question the WMD myth perpetrated by Bush, Cheney or Rumsfeld when the drums of war were beating in frenzy? Does anyone in mainstream media question the Gujarat government’s bid to allow it to raise the height of the Sardar Sarovar Dam to its maximum designed, even though its canal network to deliver the already impounded waters is not ready, and is not likely to be ready? Did anyone question the clearances given to Vedanta & Posco projects by flouting the laws of the land until stiff resistance by affected people, by some miracle always the poor are affected, forced the government to re-examine?   That is why no one questions the rulers. Because except those, who are directly affected, no one knows or are cares. They are ill-informed.

The least we can do is to keep our noses to the ground and find out what is actually going on.

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Mario Goveia.

Baby Suseelan is right.  Sharia Law is incompatible with democracy, secularism and human rights.  Hindus in India have been a target of Islamic radicals at least since the Moghuls.  What about this does an Indian like Sadanand fail to understand?

With communism in retreat, radical Islam and Islamic terrorism is the new threat in the world.  Don’t believe me – it is Osama Bin Laden who wants to set up a radical Islamic Caliphate from which to spread Sharia law around the world, by force if necessary.

Most Muslims are not terrorists, but virtually every terrorist in the world today professes to follow Islam.  It is high time that Muslims took their religion back from the radicals that have hijacked it, aided and abetted by non-Muslim sympathizers like Sadanand.

Just as the US – the only real defender of freedom and democracy in the world – confronted and defeated the hegemony of the old Soviet Union, it is now confronting the new threat to the world represented by radical Islam.

The US is not perfect – it is still a 230-year-old work in progress.  However, because it is populated by the world, it belongs to the world and is the only force that will defend freedom around the world.

Where else but in America could Indians become the top ethnic community when ranked by family income, in less than 50 years?  Where else but in America could the children of Indian immigrants become the elected Governors of two out of fifty states?

If Egypt ends up as a secular democracy, it will be primarily because of US influence, and if the Egyptian Army helps the forces of secular democracy prevail.  If the Muslim Brotherhood prevails in Egypt, there will be nothing but chaos for decades.

Reading Sadanand’s screed blaming the US – the only country willing to die for the freedom of others – for all the ills in the world, makes one wonder whether Sadanand is aware that India was one of the original targets of Islamic radicalism, and has borne the brunt of Islamic radicals, if not since the Moghuls, at least since the Pakistanis tried to annex Kashmir by force in 1947-48.

In order to do this, Sadanand has to bring up and misconstrue American strategies and tactics during the long Cold War, when it was confronting the stated Soviet objective of dominating the world with communism, by force if necessary.  Obviously, Sadanand would have preferred to live under Soviet hegemony, and the Marxist system which has been rejected by straight thinking people even in the old Soviet Union, China and India.

In between Sadanand has to display his ignorance of world events.  Here’s one example, “Taliban & Al Qaeda, are both creation of the Reagan administration and Zia Ul Haq to fight the “Soviet Infidels”.

For Sadanand’s information, it was the Afghan Mujahedeen that were helped by the US to fight the Soviets who were trying to conquer Afghanistan.   There was no Taliban or Al Qaeda until AFTER the Soviet’s were defeated and withdrew from Afghanistan in 1989.  Reagan’s presidency ended in 1988.  Zia Ul Haq died in 1988.

Here’s another example, “Saddam Hussein was a trusted ally even though he was a brutal dictator until he was doing US bidding of dutifully waging war against Ayatollah Khomeini’s regime (1981-88).”

For Sadanand’s information, Saddam was not a brutal dictator until after he invaded Iran and later invaded Kuwait in 1991.  Prior to that he was considered a benevolent dictator who ran Iraq under secular principles.  The US helped Iraq against Iran in order to maintain the balance of power in the region.  Saddam became an enemy of the US after he invaded Kuwait, when he became a brutal dictator oppressing the Kurds and Shia who made up over 80% of Iraq’s population.  He was later deposed in 2003 by a coalition led by President Bush after he defied 17 UN Security Council Resolutions over 12 long years demanding that he account for his biological and chemical WMDs.

Iraq is now a nascent democracy that governs itself with representation from all its many minority ethnic segments, a triumph of President Bush’s doctrine of encouraging democracies to develop as a long term attempt to achieve world peace.

Here is another example, “He was given all exotic weapons including nerve gas by USA,..”

This is false.  Iraq developed its own WMDs.


Another example, “US administrations have a history of propping up, supporting, & arming, some of the most rapacious and brutal dictators and regimes all over the world.”

No one familiar with WW-I and WW-II or the Cold War, where the the US prevailed over the most brutal and dictatorial communist regime until the recent rise of radical islam, could honestly write this.  Furthermore, the US helped the Phillippines become a functioning democracy, as well as Kosovo, where Muslims were helped to have their own country after surviving an attempted genocide by Christian Serbs and Croats.

Another example, “The “globalization” which began with Columbus and Wasco Da Gama 500 years back, created some of the richest and mightiest empires that the human history has known on the back of looting and pauperizing of the so called third world.”

Columbus and Vasco da Gama were not “globalists”.  They were explorers who opened up vast undeveloped and unused areas of the world.  Can anyone honestly argue that the countries they opened up to the western world, India, China and the USA, were “pauperized”?

Yes, western colonies exploited their colonies for a few hundred years, but would India, a feudal mess before it was colonized, have even been a modern, civilized democracy without the British experience?  Besides, the era of colonization ended some 65 years ago.  Several ex-colonies are among the most prosperous countriies in the world.

The modern era of globalization is based on intertwined world trade and has greatly benefited countries like India and China by opening up opportunities for their goods and services.

When Sadanand writes, “This mighty loot enabled the keepers of these empires to secure the support of their own populace until now by giving them a decent standard of living and by keeping most among them aestheticized to the horrors they were committing elsewhere through skillfully fed propaganda and downright lies.” I think we have seen that he can write brazen lies as well.  Then he cites a communist like Noam Chomsky.  Haven’t the communist done enough damage to the world?

Here are the countries that follow Sadanand and Chomsky’s ideas: N. Korea, Zimbabwe, Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia and a few more failed states in Africa.

Sadanand writes, “to throttle the democratic spirit and to have rapacious policies in place that will help US Capital first and foremost.”

Can anyone with more than half a brain claim that the US has followed “rapacious” policies that have helped US capital in Iraq or Afghanistan?

Sadanand writes, “The study of history will show how misled we are by the propaganda of Democracy, Liberty, Freedom that is spouted liberally by “Free World Leaders including Obama”, who has gone back on his word to US citizens to close Guantanamo Bay and let notorious Patriot Act lapse.”

Guantanamo Bay is a prison for Islamic terrorists who have been captured on the battlefield while terrorizing innocent people in Iraq and Afghanistan.  The Patriot Act has protected the US public from Islamic terrorists since the terrorist attack of 9/11.

I think we can clearly see that Sadanand is spreading propaganda of his own – communist propaganda – the kind that has brought nothing but misery wherever it has been tried.

This is why communism has been thrown on the thrash heap of history, where it belongs, by all the major countries that tried it, like the old Soviet Union and China, and even India has rejected extreme socialism, and its economy has boomed since then, raising the incomes and living standards of millions of Indians.

When Sadanand writes, “If you want to find true enemies of the democracy, then search elsewhere.” we should know that the true enemies of freedom and democracy are the communists.  They have always been enemies of democracy, which is why communism is on the run around the world.

* * * * * * * * * *

Reply :

Empires use different methods depending upon their own ideology. Communist dictatorships used naked aggression externally and repression domestically to stabilize their regimes. “Democratic” empires like USA use naked aggression externally, but have more sophisticated tools to manage public at home. It is called propaganda. It works by making own citizens believe that whenever any war is conducted it is to protect them, protect the free world, protect democracy, freedom and liberty. It pretends it has been forced into a war, which it has to now reluctantly prosecute. Because if USA doesn’t stand up and defend democracy and all things that are good, who will? But sometimes this is not sufficient. The citizenry needs to be frightened into meek submission. That’s why USA Empire requires bogeymen. Bogeymen who could be pumped up into grave security threats. Until the collapse of the Soviet Union, it was the “Evil Empire”. Now it is “Islamist Terror” or “Yellow Peril”.

1.     Project for New American Century (PNAC) was co-founded by William  Kristol and Robert Kegan in 1997. Ideologically it wanted to establish USA hegemony over the entire world and resources through overwhelmingly superior military power. It asked Clinton on 26 January 1998 to use military to overthrow Saddam Hussein for gaining control over the Middle East oil. Sixteen members of PNAC joined the first Bush administration including Dick Cheney, Lewis “Scooter” Libbey, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Armitage, and John Bolton. Many in the Bush administration had close links with oil industry. Plans for invading Iraq were on the design board in the early months of the administration in 2001. But how to get the public support for war? All of them believed in the unbridled “free enterprise” of Economist Tsar Milton Friedman, who had once said, “Disasters are great opportunity to bring about drastic change. Ideas have to be kept ready that can be pushed when people are reeling in incomprehension and are disoriented”. Plan for invasion of Iraq was ready; it was only waiting for an opportunity, a disaster to happen. Then 9/11 happened. Attack on Iraq had nothing to do with democracy, Iraqi people, or brutal dictatorship; it had everything to do with oil.

2.     Empires are also very good at giving character certificates or at taking them away. Saddam was a “benevolent” dictator, “secular” pillar, until he was fighting war with Iran. Then suddenly his character certificate is forfeited. What has changed? The dictator is showing he has a mind of his own not consistent with USA administration’s goals. So he turns a “brutal dictator”. Similarly, Mubarak is “Secular” and “Stabilising” force, who can do “business” with USA interests. Now, USA interests in Middle East are at stake. An ally is an ally until he is of use to the empire, then he is discarded as a used condom.

3.     Much before “Evil Empire – Soviet Union” came into existence, this is what senator Albert Beveridge had to say on January 9, 1900 : “….The Philippines are our for forever….And just beyond Philippines are China’s illimitable markets. We will not renounce our part in the mission of our race, trustee, under god, of the civilization of the world….No lands in America surpasses in fertility the plains and valleys of Luzon……The wood of the Philippines can supply the furniture of the world for a century to come…. It has been charged that our conduct of the war has been cruel. Senators, it has been the reverse. Senators must remember that we are not dealing with Americans or Europeans. We are dealing with Orientals”. What was this reverse? A letter of Captain from Kansas said, “Caloocan was supposed to contain 17,000 inhabitants. The Twentieth Kansas swept through it, and now Caloocan contains not one living native”. Or see the testimony of Major Littletown Waller, “General Smith instructed me to kill and burn, and said that the more I killed and burned the better pleased he would be; that it was no time to take prisoners, and that he was to make Samar a howling wilderness. When I asked General Smith to define the age limit for killing, he replied – Everything over Ten”. Poor Philippinos didn’t know it was a small price to pay to learn USA style Democracy, Freedom and Rule of law.

4.     If the exploitation of third world countries sounds like a myth here are the statistics. During 1950-1965 period according to Department of Commerce figures, the US corporations invested in Europe $ 8.10 billion and made profits of $ 5.50 billion; in Latin America $ 3.80 billion and made profits of $11.20 billion; and in Africa invested $ 5.2 billion and made $ 14.3 billion – this gives returns of 47%, 195% and 175% respectively. Such inflated returns in the poor countries are possible because of the lackeys in power who betray their own brothers and sisters for money and mortgage people’s interests to the foreign power.

5.     If a child is born after the father has died, doesn’t mean the fatherhood ceases. The Afghan Mujahedeen that were helped with war material by Reagan and training in extreme Wahabi Islam by Zia’s Madrassas were what later came to be called Taliban. Osama Bin Laden was encouraged by USA/CIA to set base in Pakistan first and later in Afghanistan to help assist in war efforts against the infidels. Taliban / Al Qaeda are creations of USA hardware and Pakistani software. What you sow, so shall you reap is a simple lesson that is being wilfully ignored here. Even Saudi Regime, which is known to be most intolerant and perverted, has the cosiest relationship with USA oil interests and Bush/ Cheney families.

Lastly it is not a question of choosing one evil over another. All regimes that seek world dominance or dominance over major sections of their populace, and seek to work the economy and exploit the natural resources in such a way as to benefit powerful coterie (and it’s not insubstantial minions) are unmitigated evil whatever name they go under. And, ever regime is like that. That is what centralization of power in the hands of few does. Yet there are those who wilfully disregard this and choose one evil over the other. If it is done out of ignorance, it is a mitigating factor. But if it is done with full knowledge, then such people are equally guilty as the empires of which they are apologists.

* * * * * * * * * *

Sayali, who is studying for her post graduate in Human Rights, responded.

It was quite disturbing to read the views that were expressed by Suseelan and Mario. Of course they are not the only ones who think that way, and hence what they said is in no way unique. It is astonishing what people believe in sometimes! I have faced such situations too.

The article you referred by Chris Hedges (Recognizing the Language of Tyranny), as I began reading it, where he mentions in the first paragraph – the first type of language of empires – masculinity being an attribute; at this point I was taken back to an article we had as part of our reading for one of our courses last semester in Tromso. It is an article I loved, very powerful and beautifully written – I also learnt a lot from it, for one, I had never before actively perceived the argument the way it has been explained and communicated in the piece. I would like to share it with you.

Here is the link: Sex and Death in the Rational World of Defence Intellectuals.

* * * * * * * * * *

Reply :

I had shared an article by Chris Hedges (Recognizing the Language of Tyranny) in my exchanges over “The Muslim Brotherhood and Egyptian Social Crisis” and “The New Threat Comes from Radical Islam, not USA”. In it Hedges says, “This militarized language disdains human life and celebrates hypermasculinity”. This sentence triggered a response in one reader, Sayali, a student of Human Rights. Her mind was flooded with an article, which dealt with the question of : What happens when a feminist perspective collides with the Techno-strategic world of Nuclear Arms’ Race and Nuclear Warfare?

Essentially, the nuclear experts are human too, and how can they wrestle with a subject that implies unmitigated horror and perdition at every step without going insane? The key to the answer lies in the “Language” of the discourse – what is called professional jargon. Jargon acts like Symbols in Logic, where reality is replaced by tokens, and tokens become the currency of exchange of ideas – sanitized and rootless. The discourse then is about manipulating these symbols and tokens in a bizarre world of rational doctrines where “Weapons are Humanized, and Sexed up, while Victims are Dehumanized”. The concerns of experts are not destruction of humans & life when debating perils of nuclear warfare, but the survival of now humanized weapons, and their ability to strike back.

Read this fascinating account of Carol Cohn’s encounter with the Madhouse world of Nuclear Warfare : Sex and Death in the Rational World of Defence Intellectuals or read it in the attached file.

I wonder how the Nuclear Hawks in India, who salivated at the prospect of USA’s Nuclear embrace, would take to the following sexual imagery Cohn deciphers : “One professor spoke of India’s explosion of nuclear bomb as losing her virginity. The question of how the USA should react was posed as whether or not we should throw her away. It is a complicated metaphor. Initiation into the nuclear world involves being deflowered, loosing one’s innocence, knowing sin, all wrapped into one. Although the manly USA is no virgin, and proud of it, the double standard raises its head in the question of whether or not a woman is still worth anything to a man once she has lost her virginity”.

* * * * * * * * * *

Mario Goveia.

It is a sign of progress when we can get Sadanand to admit, “Communist dictatorships used naked aggression externally and repression domestically to stabilize their regimes.”

They still do, in places like China, N. Korea, Zimbabwe, Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Bolivia.
However, Sadanand is just plain wrong when he writes, “Democratic” empires like USA use naked aggression externally, but have more sophisticated tools to manage public at home. It is called propaganda.”

The USA has never used “naked aggression” against anyone for its own sake.  After ejecting Iraq from Kuwait in 1991, with virtually full control over the middle-east and its oil supplies, the US forces left and went home.

Anyone familiar with America would know that the government does not control the media and there are conflicting opinions from all sides, including the Internet, based on which citizens can decide what they want to believe.

Another false statement “It works by making own citizens believe that whenever any war is conducted it is to protect them, protect the free world, protect democracy, freedom and liberty.”
No, it doesn’t.  It has no way to do this.  The citizens believe this because it is a fact, confirmed by those who were liberated, and the world is full of concrete examples.
While Sadanand writes sarcastically, “Because if USA doesn’t stand up and defend democracy and all things that are good, who will?” he has actually stumbled into the truth.  The world is full of examples of this, the most recent being the successful liberation of Iraq which is now a functioning multi-ethnic, multi-party democracy in spite of the opposition of the Al Qaeda jihadis, Syria and Iran, as well as the entire left wing worldwide.

Is Sadanand seriously suggesting that Saddam Hussein was NOT a bogeyman, brutally repressing his own Kurds and Shia, gassing them through the air which required UN sanctioned “no-fly” zones, looting the oil for food program, paying bounties to the families of suicide bombers in Israel, menacing his neighbors.

Is Sadanand seriously suggesting that radical Islam today is NOT a bogeyman, with its objective of setting up a radical Islamic Caliphate from which to spread Sharia Law across the world, by force if necessary?

The Soviet Union WAS an EVIL EMPIRE, as Sadanand himself has been forced to admit as we can see from the first para above.  The radical Islamic objectives ARE a threat to the entire world if not confronted and stopped, with India and Israel as their primary targets.
No one in America has heard about Project for a new American Century.  There are groups like this everywhere in a free society like America.   The US has contingency plans for everything, including securing Pakistan’s nukes from radical Islamisists.  There was no special plan for a regime change in Iraq – Saddam could have avoided being deposed by complying with any one of 17 UN Security Council resolutions over 12 years demanding an accounting of his WMDs – the presence of which was recently confirmed by Wikileaks, vindicating President Bush.
Propagandists like Sadanand use facts selectively to fit their pre-conceived agenda.  Saddam WAS a benevolent secular dictator until he decided to attack Iran and Kuwait and then brutally repress his political opponents after the mid-80’s and the mass graves confirm.  Anyone who is familiar with Iraq would know this, which apparently excludes Sadanand, busy trying to spin the truth to spread anti-American propaganda.

I have no idea what he is getting at regarding the Philippines, which is a free and independent country and US ally.

In Item No. 4 Sadanand suggests that investing and making a profit is a bad thing.  It is because the old Soviet Union and China and India could not generate “profits” that they all dumped Marxism-socialism and are now all thriving.  As Margaret Thatcher said, “The problem with socialism is that pretty soon you run out of other people’s money.”  PROFIT is why the US is the sole superpower now.

In No. 5 Sadanand writes, “If a child is born after the father has died, doesn’t mean the fatherhood ceases.”  Fatherhood does not cease but the child can be different from the father.   I think Sadanand may have heard of Germany, Japan and Italy, all previously fascist regimes that were virtually demolished by the US-led Allies, and are now free democracies?  The fatherhood remains, the children are not like the father.
Thus the Afghan Mujahedeen were helped by the US to defend their country against the invading Soviets.  Some of the children of the Mujahedeen included those in the current Afghan government.  Others included the radical Islamic Taliban and Al Qaeda.  Now, the US is helping the good children of the Muhjahedeen who want freedom and democracy in Afghanistan to defend themselves against the radical Islamic forces of the Taliban and Al Qaeda, the evil children of the Mujahedeen.

The US interest in oil is to ensure the free flow of oil to world markets without which the world economy would collapse. The US has more oil reserves on its own continent than the entire middle-east.  Most US imported oil comes from Mexico and Canada.  The US went home after 1991 when it controlled the entire middle-east after ejecting Iraq from Kuwait.  The point is that the oil conspiracies that the lefties like Sadanand love to spout are all bogus and without any factual foundation.

Finally, if Sadanand REALLY believes that, “All regimes that seek world dominance or dominance over major sections of their populace, and seek to work the economy and exploit the natural resources in such a way as to benefit powerful coterie (and it’s not insubstantial minions) are unmitigated evil whatever name they go under.” then he should be supporting the US, and not spreading false propaganda against it.

Anyone who denies that the US has, on balance and across history, been a force for freedom and democracy in the world, is just plain wrong, based on all the evidence.
In WW-I and WW-II the US led the battle against the evil Axis powers.  In the Cold War, Korea and Vietnam, the US confronted the evil empire of the old Soviet Union and China who openly sought to conquer the world for communism.

Now, the US will confront radical Islam and its evil dreams of forming a radical Islamic Caliphate from which to spread Sharia Law across the world, by force if necessary.
Is Sadanand blind to the parallels between radical Islam’s actions in Kashmir and radical Islam’s actions in Israel?

Does Sadanand have any idea what Sharia Law is like?  Does Sadanand really believe that the world will be a better place under Sharia Law?

* * * * * * * * * *

Reply :

1. You say, “No one has heard about Project for a New American Century in USA”. Probably you have not heard of American Enterprise Institute or Dick Cheney, Lewis “Scooter” Libbey, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Armitage, and John Bolton

either, these six guys were part of the PNAC.

2. Yet you assert, “Anyone familiar with America would know that the government does not control the media and there are conflicting opinions from all sides, including the Internet, based on which citizens can decide what they want to believe”. Most of the citizens in most countries have to struggle with day to day problems of existence that they have very little time to know what really is going on in the name of “governance”. USA is no exception. In fact I have found that “American Exceptionalism” is so strong that most US citizens are very inward looking and don’t care to find out what is really going on around the world. They are happy to go by the “illusion of choice” offered by “mainstream media”, where talking faces change, but not the message. The messages are carefully calibrated to give an impression of “differences”, but at the gut level are just the same. The USA government doesn’t have to control the media, the Media (i.e. the coterie whose interests it represents) controls the USA government, as it does in all liberal democracies. Dwight Eisenhower in a rare moment of candor warned the US citizens as he was stepping down at the end of his presidency about the Military Industrial Complex, which was poised to take over their lives. Add to that Media today, Eisenhower lacked the foresight to divine the future power of media, and what you have is Military Industrial Media Complex ruling over USA.

3. USA (Joe Biden’s statement yesterday) wants an Orderly, Prompt, Meaningful & peaceful transition in Egypt. On the face it appears a very sober assessment of situation and an attempt at being a honest broker – “prompt” & “meaningful” for the protestors, and “orderly” & “peaceful” for Mubarak regime and itself. Behind this carefully calibrated message what USA really wants is ‘Continuity of its Interests’ in the oil rich Middle East, where Egypt’s regime has been a strong ally, they earlier described it  as “stabilizing” & “moderating” influence, alongside Israel and Saudi Arabia. Those US interests are now rudely shaken by the mass uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt. In “happier & stronger” moments of US administration a shrill campaign to raise the “bogey of Islamic Terror” would have been mounted to prepare public opinion at home and “abroad” for military aggression in Egypt, just the way it was done in case of Iraq. But USA empire is exhausted by its campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan in the quest for Oil dominance, and there are other perils that are catching up with it. But more on that later.

4. Even USA & World “Mainstream media” had to accept after Saddam was toppled that there were no “Weapons of Mass Destruction” in Iraq, they never were there in the first place. The “credible” US intelligence was based on a seedy stooge called Ahmed Chalabi, who was already sentenced for fraud in neighboring Jordan. The “smoking gun” of Cheney and Rumsfeld was a big fraud perpetrated on US citizens and a great tragedy for Iraqi people. It is also common knowledge that Reagan gave powerful weapons and nerve gas to Saddam to use against hated Ayatollah Khomeini’ Iran. But you are in denial of these facts. It is true that Saddam used them against Kurds and other Iraqi citizens. But he was a brutal dictator, albeit not a religious bigot, even when Reagan was doing business with him and Rumsfeld was sent to shake hands with him. This too you are in denial of. For you “Secularist dictatorship” means “Benevolent dictatorship”.

5. While Reagan was aiding Saddam against Khomeini, he was not averse to cutting deals with the same Iranian Regime. When popular Sandinistas overthrew the corrupt and repressive Somoza regime supported by USA administration in Nicaragua, CIA funded & organized a counterrevolutionary

force called Contras from among the members of hated national guards of Somoza. The memory of the unjust war waged on Vietnam and leakage of CIA’s secret operations based in neighbouring Honduras turned public opinion in USA hostile against overt or covert actions of the administration. In late 1984, perhaps responding to this public outrage, Congress passed a law making it illegal for USA to support ‘directly or indirectly, military or para-military operations in Nicaragua’. Reagan sold 2000 Anti Tank missiles to Iran in 1986 for Iran’s help in release of US hostages in Lebanon, and to have profits of the deal to be delivered to Contras. This episode came to be know as Iran-Contra gate, and only a lowly operative Colonel Oliver North was arraigned before the Congressional hearings and was later pardoned. Nothing happened to Reagan or Bush, his Vice President, who ignored and broke US law. Reagan didn’t to this once, nor was he alone. Before him, Ford ordered invasion of a Cambodian Island in retaliation of the temporary and legitimate detention of a merchant ship Mayaguez that had strayed into Cambodian waters, in complete disregard of War Powers Act (1973), which the Congress had passed to limit the powers of President after the intensity of US public opinion over wrong doings in Vietnam. Same act was defied by Reagan when he sent US marines to Lebanon in the fall of 1982. Then in October 1983 a tiny Granada was invaded by the mighty USA empire ostensibly for the safety of some USA citizens (medical students on the island). Bernard Gwertzman of NYT commented that there was no danger to US students. But when four US church women were killed by government sponsored death squads in El Salvador, there were no marine landings, protective bombing raids, nothing. Because the “Death Squad Regime” in El Salvador was an US ally.

6. Muammar Gadhafi of Libya is no Saint, but there was no evidence to link him to the death of US service man killed in a bombing of a discotheque in West Berlin in 1986. Yet, planes were sent to bomb Gadhafi that killed an innocent hundred people in capital Tripoli. Professor Stephen Shalom analyzing the incident wrote (in Imperial Alibis) : “If terrorism is defined as politically motivated violence perpetrated against Non-Combatant targets, then one of the most serious incidents of international terrorism of the year was precisely this USA raid on Libya”. Such acts of terrorism by US can be multiplied with examples since then.

7. I hold no brief for Islam. Personally I am an Atheist, and consider that all religions (not spirituality), although probably began as a quest for bettering human conditions, were high jacked, like all centralized institutions for arranging human affairs eventually are, by powerful interests, and  are an hindrance to human progress. You say that “Islam or Sharia is not compatible with Democracy”. Sure! But nor are Old Testament, New Testament, or Manu-Smruti (Hindu). For that matter, none of them are compatible with Women. Because religions are after all creation of Men. It may appear that in many Muslim societies the outdated ideas and beliefs dominate the discourse. Change would have swept over the Arab world back in the forties and fifties if they were left alone by the colonialists after WW-II. Not only regressive and repressive regimes were propped up and supported by UK, USA and other imperial powers, but even “Israeli State” was transplanted in the Palestine land; where as USA could have easily given it more land in its own backyard without feeling even a pinch; and with all the gains of “Jewish formidable talents” of which you spoke so approvingly elsewhere (they are by the way, I agree). But no, they had to drive iron in the soul of Arab world on purpose; a strong bulwark against Arab independence and loss of Oil. The fig leaf of justification offered was they were exiled 2000 years ago from their promised land. If we take this on board, then all the white Caucasians (along with their minions) should be driven out of the Americas, Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere, and those territories returned back to the natives. Such reversals of History cannot happen but for the perversity of empires. There is no principal at stake here, but only naked truth of “Might is Right”. What were Jews doing all these years but getting persecuted all over Western & Eastern Europe. The holocaust was wrought by Hitler & Christian Germany, not by Muslims. And it didn’t happen in medieval Europe, it happened only some 70 years ago. If religious bigots were to do some serious soul searching, then “Christianity” has more modern blood (say post 1900) on its hand than any other religion. But I do not see history or present through religious prism. It is misleading to do so. Different societies are at different stages of development with their own peculiarities. Only time, patience, and compassionate dialogue can help change things for the better, not naked aggression. Therefore, I find singling out of Islam for “special treatment” is not only perverse, but is happening with particular agenda of the US empire. There was no Islamist threat before 1991 though Muslim Brotherhood was there even before the birth of Independent Egypt. Threat of Islam was not needed because bogeyman of Soviet Union was handy.  But post “cold war” that vacuum needed to be filled in by another bogeyman to sell the Military-Industrial-Media ambitions of the sole super power to the home crowd. What is the need of the colossal military hardware and humongous armament industry?, if there is no enemy in sight to fight. Samuel Huntington provided that justification with his “Clash of Civilizations” thesis as he had served the empire earlier with his “Governability of Democracies” in 1976.

8. Toppling Iranian regime through Empire’s military aggression is not going to bring democracy there, as it has not happened in Iraq. Holding an election is not a true test of democracy, it is just the beginning. Outside military intervention never helps in such things. The change has to come from within like it is happening in Egypt and Tunisia. Helping people’s movements in whatever way outsiders can would really help the cause of democracy and would make world a better place. An example would explain. George Kennan, a former US ambassador to Soviet Union wrote, “the general effect of (USA’s) cold war extremism was to delay rather than hasten the great change that overtook the SU by the end of 1980s”. But Empires don’t behave like this, because it is not the welfare of their own citizens, which shapes their conduct.

9. Did you talk about the great service done for “Freedom & Liberty” of the world by the USA in fighting Fascism / Nazis? Blacks in the USA at that time may not have been made to walk towards the gas chambers, but their situation was not materially much different from the Jews in Germany. USA had joined UK and France in appeasing Hitler throughout the thirties. When the Senate introduced a resolution in 1934 expressing “surprise and pain” at what Germans were doing to Jews, Roosevelt & his secretary of of state, Cordell Hull had it quietly buried in a “committee” (Arnold Offner – in American Appeasement). Howard Zinn puts it this way, “…Or was it the logical policy of a government whose main interest was not stopping Fascism but advancing the Imperial Interests of the USA? For those interests in the thirties, an anti-Soviet policy seemed best. Later, when Japan and Germany threatened US world interests, a pro-soviet and anti-Nazi policy became preferable”.

10. Your faith in “elections” as the yardstick of democracy is touching. Anyone who mindfully chooses to observe will not fail to notice that while masses elect governments in democracy, it is the privileged who elect the policies. That is why elected “representatives of people” seldom keep promises made during election time. Like Obama rescinding on Guantanamo Bay and Patriot Act. About the former you said Islamic terrorists are kept there. Do you know some of them had to be released after 4/5 years in captivity because no charges could be proven? You also contemptuously dismissed all those in USA prisons as criminals (You obviously do not know about Class, Religion, Race, Caste, Creed, Gender biases in the criminal justice systems of the world & Of course of USA; nor that USA holds the largest number of people in it’s prisons). But I for one side with Dostoveski, who once said, “The degree of Civilization in a society can be judged by entering its prisons”. I now return to what Huntington has to say in this crucial matter, “…that the President, to win the election, needed the support of a broad coalition of people. However, the day after his election, the size of his majority is almost – if not entirely – irrelevant to his ability to govern the country. What counts then is his ability to mobilize the support from the leaders of key institutions in a society…  The coalition must include key people in Congress, the executive branch, and the Private Sector Establishment”. This is why commoner in USA is left wondering why she is left high and dry whether she votes Republican or Democrat – Ditto all over the world. What they call Bi-partisan support in USA, is known as One Party rule in China.

11. I have invested a lot of time in preparing my reply. I have tried to be as objective as my abilities permit. I do this in the believe that dialogue with disparate opinions is the only and best way forward to learn and to progress. There are many facets to a problem, some of which an individual or a collection of liked minded people is likely to miss. Therefore, it is important to know and talk with those with whom one doesn’t agree. That way one can bring more perspectives into play, which would hopefully help in building a more informed consensus. This is doable if all sides are willing to learn and engage in a spirit of open, frank, but fact based discussion. Until now you have only been “name calling”. If I quote Noam Chomsky, you brand him Communist. That is not sober or meaningful argument. You don’t get what I am saying when I talk of brutal, naked aggression against Philippines (You say, “I have no idea what he is getting at regarding the Philippines”.) by US when Soviet Union was not around. I gave the example of Philippines because you said I don’t understand the “strategies” of USA in Vietnam (that “strategy” meant dropping 600 pounds of bombs for every Vietnamese dead or alive in that country, exceeding all the bombings in WW-II in European theatre) and elsewhere, in establishing Democracy. You are confounded when faced with facts. One can’t argue with facts, can one? You crow merrily that I have admitted that Soviet Union was an “Evil Empire”, presumably because of your irresistible scholarship. Never in my interventions have I supported this empire or that, or chosen that over this. You also do not seem to be aware what is meant by putting words in “quotes” like this. You do not seem to be aware of anything beyond your own nose & feverish imagination. And I have to concede you are good at it. I will engage in further dialogue only if I find you have stepped away from your rabble rousing. Else, I will not waste my own time and also the valuable time of the silent majority who are patiently suffering this exchange.


Before I end I would like to give you a gift. Threatening clouds are gathering over the US empire. Unfortunately, it also happens to be largest economy in the world. When it sinks its aftermath will reverberate everywhere. The future of entire humankind is at stake. The threat is not from Aliens or Islam. It is from the profligate behaviour of the empire, and in fact of the entire Capitalist System and mode of existence. The current rulers everywhere are already in denial mode over this. But current known facts point otherwise. I forgot to take account of your statement regarding how much Oil US has within its “Internationally Recognised Legal Boundaries”. But I don’t think it will be necessary. The specters that haunt us are : US Economy (Colossal indebtedness, surviving temporarily on printing money that is still accepted as legal tender in the world because of privileged “reserve currency” status in the absence of any alternative); Energy (the era cheap and versatile fossil fuel based energy is over, no comprehensive substitutes in sight); and Environment (climate change upon us threatening the food security in the world). I would urge you to go and take the Crash Course at “”. Hopefully, you concerns will alter beyond your recognition.

Good bye. Good Luck.

* * * * * * * * * *